For more than 15 years H&O Grounds has specialized in creating distinctive and valuable landscaping for a range of projects, from start to finish. Through personalized attention to detail we provide exceptional service in both customer relationships and design & build capabilities.

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  • Landscaping

  • Irrigation/Drainage

  • Landscape Lighting

  • Pools/Water Features

  • Outdoor Kitchens

  • Hardscapes

  • Fences/Decks

  • Fire Elements

  • Pegolas

Your commercially landscaped grounds are your company’s first impression

The first thing anyone sees of your business is the outside landscape, whether they are customers, visitors, VIPs, or your employees. Having a beautifully designed and maintained commercial landscape gives you an advantage in making a good first impression with every person who steps foot on your property.

We have the vision to bring your commercial landscaping design to life

With extensive experience in commercial landscape design, we can optimize the design and construction of your grounds to complement the style of your business and existing structures. We will design with an eye to bring out the existing beauty of your commercial property.

The way your commercial landscape is constructed impacts how your business is viewed

Designing a professional looking commercial landscape requires being aware of how the surrounding grounds can influence how both customers and employees regard your business. We will make sure your grounds present a beautiful, professional first impression to everyone who steps foot on your properties.

We will install your commercial landscaping with professional style

We take pride in our crews maintaining a professional look and attitude when they are attending to your commercial or industrial landscaping needs. Our landscape installation crews know how to get the job done quickly and professionally to minimize the impact their work has on your work day.

Our landscape designs are constructed to grow in value over time

We design with an eye for the future so that the value of your initial investment in your commercial landscaping will actually increase over time with our continued maintenance and lawn services. We want your commercial landscaping to look even better on the 300th day than it does the day we install it. Our landscape designers create with this in mind, so that you can rest assured that your commercial or industrial property is going to continue giving you a top of the line first impression.